So simple.

So revolutionary.

Wendu can switch temperatures from 68ºF to 104ºF in just a couple of minutes by your phone!. It integrates flexible and comfortable technology within the garment with different focal areas that ensure the cold or hot contact your skin, selected through your app .The Wendu Station is the Bluetooth device that attaches magnetically to the garment, giving it energy and a great futuristic touch. There is nothing like it.
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Just look at you!

Sport women, created for your passion for running. You have never felt like something that encourages you to continue, a touch of heat in winter or a touch of cold in summer will push you to new limits. Program your temperature and get out there.
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Wendu Station.

The heart of your garment.

Bluetooth BLE to communicate with your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.
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  • Battery Capacity: 1600mAh / Plus: 2900mAh.
  • MicroUSB connection to recharge your Wendu Station.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy communication.

 A reflection of your


Casual men, perfect for routine days when it’s cold, it keeps you warm and avoids excess heat.
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Move your finger to regulate your


Anywhere, any device.

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Keep cool…And cold!

Casual women has cotton fabric that provides an exclusive look and three quarter sleeve for greater freedom of movement.
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